January 17, 2018

Movie Voice Over Guy Don Lafontaine – A Tribute

You may only know him as “the movie voice over guy“, but underneath that legendary baritone voice is a real man… a legendary man if you will.  His name is Don Lafontaine and unless you’ve never watched TV in your life, I can almost guarantee you have heard his incredible voice before.

Unfortunately Don recently passed away, and seeing that this site is all about making your voice deeper I figured that writing a little tribute post to Don would make sense… I mean when it comes to a deep voice, Don Lafontaine is the first man that comes to mind for most people-even if you only know him as “the movie voice over guy”.

I think It’s safe to say that Don has the most recognized voice in Hollywood, and even if you’ve never seen his face before, I can almost guarantee you that you have heard his rock solid voice on one of the thousands of movie trailers he’s narrated over the years.

Don Lafontaine was in high demand when it came to voice overs, and studio’s were willing to pay him big bucks for his work.  Don reportedly made millions of dollars a year from his voice overs.  During his peak it was not uncommon for Don to voice 35 promotions in a single day.

Here are a few of Don’s most memorable movie trailers voice overs:

  • Terminator 2:  Judgement day
  • Shrek
  • Friday thte 13th

Don’s  voice sends shivers up your spine, regardless of whether he is narrating a children’s cartoon or a horror movie.  He can make it sound fluffy and comical to downright terrifying.

Here is a rather entertaining video featuring Don Lafontaine “the movie voice over guy”:

A pretty amazing career Don has had that’s for sure.  RIP Don Lafontaine!

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What are the most memorable movie narrations you can remember from Don Lafontaine?  Will any movie narrator ever be able to replace Don?