January 17, 2018

Manly Voice – How to Make Your Voice Sound More Manly

There are many benefits to having a more manly voice.  In my mind, the biggest benefit to having a manly sounding voice is that it makes you a much more confident person.  Not only will you feel more confident when speaking on the telephone, you will also feel much more confident in any social situation.

This is especially true if your voice is currently high, or cracks when you speak.  Quite honestly, you will feel like a whole new man by making your voice deeper.

How do I Make my Voice Sound More Manly?

If you were not born with a manly voice, unfortunately you will never sound like Barry White or Don Lafontaine.  With that being said, you can substantially improve your voice and make it sound much more manly.

Below are ways that you can experiment with to help you achieve a more manly voice:

  1. Strengthen the vocal chords – The vocal chords are just like any other muscle in your body.  If you condition them properly, your voice can improve dramatically.
  2. Voice Lowering Exercises – Here is a cool voice lowering exercise.  Give it a shot, I think you will be impressed at how quickly it works.
  3. Voice lowering surgery – Certainly not an option for everyone, but the odd person may require it.  Consider this a last resort.

Checkout the rest of the articles on this site for more techniques that will help you achieve a more manly voice.

What is the Best Way to Make Your Voice More Manly?

I think the best way to make your voice sound more manly would be to consult a voice coach.  The problem is that this is not an option for most people, since they can charge up to $100 per hour.

Fortunately there is an alternative to one-on-one voice coaching.  It’s a voice lowering program called “Deep Voice Mastery”, by Rudy Haynes.  It’s currently the only program of it’s kind on the market, and has been getting rave reviews from readers of this site.