February 18, 2018

My Review Of The Deep Voice Mastery Program

As you can see from my website, I’ve done a lot of research into lowering your voice so I could determine what options were out there for me, and which ones are the best. In my search for information, I came across Rudy Hanes and his Deep Voice Mastery program. What follows is my unbiased review of his program, which I personally feel is the best out there.

Rudy Hanes Program Deep Voice Mastery

Rudy Hanes "Deep Voice Mastery"

What Is Deep Voice Mastery by Rudy Hanes?

Deep Voice Mastery is a relatively new voice deepening ebook/program that teaches both vocal and physical exercises that deepen your voice.  It’s meant for not only high pitched voices, but also those that have squeaky/crackly voices.

Now, let me tell you that there isn’t a whole lot out there when it comes to voice deepening guides/programs, so whenever something new hits the market  I’m always eager to check it out.

Although having a voice coach would be great, most of us can’t afford to pay $100 or more per session (usually a minimum of 5 sessions).  Also, many of us don’t have the time to go meet with a voice coach and spend an hour at the session, and another hour to commute.

This  is why programs like Deep Voice Mastery can be very valuable. They can potentially save you time and lots of money… if they work!

When I started this site back in July 2008, the only online program out there was Mike London’s 12 page ebook called  “A Deeper Voice:  Right Away”.  It wasn’t very extensive, but people that came to my site tried it and said it worked.

Now that we’re in the year 2011, I figured that there had to be another program out there and sure enough I found “Deep Voice Mastery” authored by a man named Rudy Haynes.

I went ahead and forked out the $47 for the program, grabbed a cup of coffee and dove right in…

*NOTE!! I’d like to mention that I actually did buy the program for full price and am not one of those “other guys” that writes a review based only on the sales page of the site!  I figure that if you are considering buying one of these programs, it’s only fair that you know what you are going to get.

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What Does Deep Voice Mastery Look Like?

Deep Voice Mastery is a 36 page guide written by Rudy Haynes.  I wondered if Rudy was a real person, so I emailed him to ask a few questions after I purchased the program and to my surprise he responded within a few hours.   Pretty impressive so far.

Now more about the book & program it’s self. Here’s a quick summary of what I received:

  • The book is very easy to follow and laid out nicely.
  • It outlines the exercises that Rudy himself used to transform his voice.
  • With the exception of a couple techniques, I can tell you that they were very similar (if not identical) to the exercises that worked for me.
  • There are also two other helpful chapters in the book that outline voice deepening surgery and testosterone buccal, and who might benefit from these methods.  I can tell you that there really isn’t much information available on the web about these these topics, so I’m glad Rudy did the research and included the information in the ebook.

In addition to the ebook, there are a pile of bonuses.   Although not all of them may appeal to you, there are a couple in particular that are worth the $47 cost of the program alone.

*Do note that it says the bonuses are available for a limited time, but I think that is just a marketing gimmick.  They will still be available next week and probably next month for that matter!

See For Yourself How Deep Voice Mastery Can Help

Deep Voice Mastery Bonuses

Here’s what is included when you order the Deep Voice Mastery program:, and my 2 cents about each of them:

  1. Voice Software
    1. I tried this out and was impressed.  Pretty cool piece of software that allows to test and track your voice pitch.  It is a great way to actually be able to visually try to improve, and track your progress.
  2. Ebooks
    1. A couple of ebooks that didn’t interest me much, but could be useful to many of you.  One is about how to gain confidence and the other is a guide to dating women.  They are not going to help make your voice deeper, but could prove to be helpful!
  3. Member’s Area Access
    1. I thought this was cool.  The members area has a bunch of articles, some videos, and some bonus downloads that Rudy doesn’t mention on the main website.  It’s also the best place to contact Rudy.
  4. Unlimited Email Support
    1. I did verify that Rudy responds to emails which is cool.  Basically he is offering his support to you for as long as you need it.  Quite solid indeed…
  5. Unlimited Updates
    1. In all honesty I don’t know how many times the book will be updated, but the members area may very well be updated regularly.  I cannot confirm this yet however as I only ordered the program a week ago.

See For Yourself How Deep Voice Mastery Can Help

What I Didn’t Like About Deep Voice Mastery

Overall I think Rudy did a nice job with the program.  There are a couple of recommendations I made to him via email however.

  1. I recommended that he make separate ebook that demonstrate the voice deepening exercises.  Right now it’s all in the main book.  Being separate from the 36 page manual might make it easier to follow.
  2. I told him to make more video demonstrations so that the program is a little more user friendly.  It’s still easy to follow, but more videos would make it even better.

Update: Rudy emailed me back and informed me that these changes will be made in the next edition of the program (not sure when it is being released).

Final Thoughts

If making your voice deeper is really important to you then for $47 this program will be a steal, and I think the majority of you will be impressed.  The exercises work, Rudy appears to be a real person that offers real support, and pretty much all of the information you need is right at your finger tips.

This program beats Mike London’s “Deeper Voice: Right Away” out of the water.  No comparison.  It’s $20 cheaper and is way more extensive.

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  1. Sandra LaFleur says:

    I was reading over your comments and went on to the web site for Deep Voice Mastery. I wanted to ask you
    why the web site only addresses men. I am trying to help my daughter (an adult) lower her voice, because her voice is so high pitched that you can barely understand what she is saying. She seems to have a fear of lowering her voice because she thinks she will sound like a man. Of course, this isn’t true. But, if I direct her to the site, and she sees the whole thing being addressed only to men, it will veryify this idea. She is finally ready to work on this due to the fact she is getting comments from people, from her children etc. asking her what’s wrong with her. She presents as someone with no authority and wants to be more effective. Please let me know if this program is also for women.

  2. Adam Davies says:

    Hi Sandra,

    I sent Rudy an email with your question in it, and he replied with a resounding YES! his program is definintely applicable to women, and men alike.

    I hope this helps you, and your daughter!


  3. CountryMusic says:

    Im trying to loawer my voice but its all always been a little bit higher will i have to do method 1 or 2?

  4. Gene Packard-radio guy 40 years says:

    The first rule is “Never, ever, ever tighten your cocal chords and try to sound like a n “announcer” The vocal chords must)just as in singing be mostly relaxed.
    Warm up,warm up warm up. Hum a bit, litlle more. Then open your lips and emit a sound that is whatever it is, that is at whatever level. Now modulate that sound,(go higher and lower, but slowly. Then do it again, with more air. AIR!!!! You must learn to use your diaphram, not as much as a singer, but enough that you never run out of air. The sound must always be “supprted”that is , have sufficint air beneath it and moving across the vocall chords. Now start at you natural Humm level and create a deeper sound. It may be a smalll change. The IMPORTANT thing is DON’T CONSTRICT THE CHORDS. dON’T DO THE PHONY ANNOUNCER THING. wHAT’S INTERESTING IS THAT PROPERLY SUPPORT ED singing, just a view notes, as a singer “vocalises” in a short time will make the voice LOUDER! Then continue, with the relaxed”pipes” try going lower/ Good luck.

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