December 17, 2017

Mike London’s “A Deeper Voice, Right Away” eBook

Mike London’s “A Deeper Voice, Right Away” is an ebook that claims to contain exercises that help make your voice deeper  (Click Here to visit the homepage).


UPDATE – September 2009: If you’re seriously considering a voice deepening program, be sure to checkout Rudy Haynes Deep Voice Mastery program.  I’ve bought and compared both programs and can tell you that it’s less expensive and much more comprehensive than  this program.

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What to Expect With Mike London’s Ebook

“A Deeper Voice:  Right Away” is a 12 page ebook consisting of instructions that outline what you must do to condition your voice box, which he claims will enable you to effortlessly speak in a deep and crisp voice.

At first glance Mike’s website looks horrific, and many of the claims seem unrealistic.  I bought the program and was not impressed with what I received for the $67 price tag.  The 12 page ebook is poorly written and difficult to follow.

With that being said, past readers of the old forum said that the exercises did help.  Below are two screen shots of real “Deeper Voice Right Away” testimonials.

Testimonial #1 from James

Testimonial #2 by Charles

Final Verdict

“A Deeper Voice Right Away” just doesn’t deliver.  It was OK when it was the only program out there, but that is no longer the case. For $67 I  expected much more than just 12 pages of poorly written content with no diagrams or images.

If you are looking for a proven program that offers much more “bang for your buck” then Deep Voice Mastery is a much better bet.

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