January 17, 2018

Lower Your Voice – How to Achieve a Lower Voice Permanently

Having a voice problem can make the social aspects of life very difficult.  You may also find that you lack confidence when you speak, and don’t feel comfortable in certain social situations.  Fortunately, no matter how high your voice currently is and no matter what anyone tells you, there are ways that you can lower your voice permanently.

In this article I wanted to outline the different methods that can help you achieve a lower voice.  The three methods below will permanently lower your voice.

  1. Testosterone injections – Some men may have low levels of testosterone in their body, and it is this lack of testosterone that is the culprit for the lack of a low voice.  In these rare cases it may be necessary to take hormone pills or injections.  Once normal testosterone levels are achieved, the voice will naturally become lower.
  2. Voice deepening surgery – There are medical procedures that involve modifying the voice box that can help you achieve a lower voice.  Unfortunately these methods are very costly, invasive, and rarely worth the risk involved.  Having voice box surgery would should only be considered if no other methods have lowered your voice.
  3. Voice training & conditioning – This is the easiest and least invasive voice lowering method, and is the only method that the majority of you should ever consider. Voice training & conditioning involves special exercises for the voice box and vocal cords.  Since the voice box is a group of muscles, it can be trained to sound lower and deeper.

The great news is that very few of you will need testosterone treatment, and even fewer will need surgery.  At least 95% of you will be able to achieve outstanding voice lowering results simply by learning how to train and condition your vocal cords and voice box.

Training the vocal cords and voice box is fairly easy.  It does take some time and practice, but no one ever said it would be easy, right?

I am not going to go into detail about how to train your voice box to lower you voice in this article however, as this is best left to the “voice guru” Rudy Haynes.  Rudy is the author of “Deep Voice Mastery”, which I highly recommend If you are interested in achieving a lower voice naturally.


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  1. Carrie says:

    You should not try to regularly talk lower than your natural register. It causes strain on the vocal cords and is one of the main reasons node form on the vocal cords – causing a need for delicate surgery. This is a bad idea!

  2. Jasmine says:

    What is Rudy Haynes background and credentials? A biography would be nice as a Google search doesn’t turn up much. What makes him a “voice guru”? Does he have formal training/degrees or studied with anyone in the field?

  3. concerned says:

    I would suggest searching the ASHA website for a licensed speech-language pathologist in your area.

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