February 18, 2018

Is A Deep Voice Attractive To Women? Check This Out…

Do you think that having a deep voice is a big asset?  What do you think the ladies views are on a deep voice?

Would you believe it if I told you that the majority of women agree that a deep voice is an attribute that they look for when choosing a man?

I’m sure you may have figured that having a deep voice couldn’t hurt when it came to the ladies… but perhaps you had never seen rock solid proof.

Well… I’m going to show you some proof that I found on another website that I thought was very interesting.

I came across this poll that someone had posted on a website called AnswerBag.com.

He posted the following question:

“Ladies:  Are you attracted to a man who has a deep voice?”

Checkout the answers below…

Answer #1:  “I don’t know about deep, but I don’t like it to be high pitched.”

Answer #2: “well i have never really been with a guy that has had a deep voice but as long as they dont sound like they are going through puberty i am good to go with the whole deep voice thing.”

Answer #3: “Oh yeah. Something about it gives me goose bumps.”

Answer #4: “Yes, but not like James Earl Jones or anything. But I will say that my husband sounds extremely in his deep ‘first thing in the morning’ or “last thing in the evening’ voice.”

Answer #5: “yeah but not too deep or anything. I would say my b/f has a REGULAR voice for a man, i like that just fine. There was a study and men with deeper voices tend to father more children….weird huh? Saw it on the news”

Answer #6: “Yep…a high, thin voice is never pleasant to the ear, even in a woman. Think James Earl Jones…I could listen to him read anything and not be bored…yes, even the phonebook!.”

Answer #7: “Baritone or Bass will get me every time.”

Click Here to view the actual AnswerBag webpage with this poll.

Well there you have it guys, it looks like a unanimous decision-a deep voice is a huge plus when it comes to picking up chicks.

So… What Does This Mean??

So I know what you’re saying… that’s great news for the dude’s with a baritone voice, but not for those with a high pitched voice!

Well, the good news my friends is that there is something that you can do to transform your squeaky, high pitched voice into a deeper, sexier more trust worthy voice.  Although a small percentage of you may require pitch lowering surgery or testosterone to deepen you voice, most of you can benefit from simple voice and vocal cord exercises.

By performing these exercises regularly you will be able to increase the projection and depth of your voice.

If this interests you, please CLICK HERE to read my review of Deep Voice Mastery.  I found the information in the book quite valuable and I think you will too.

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  1. Jon says:

    Honestly? you clearly made up those responses yourself! what moron would believe you?

  2. admin says:

    Jon, the link to the actual page where the girls left those responses is right in the article, check it out.

  3. hamletmiss says:

    My husband, who is as tall as I am, has a very deep voice. I always thought he sounded perfectly masculine and I am attracted to it.

  4. Dan says:

    I don’t have a deep voice at all and that’s fine with me.

  5. Jimbo says:

    It’s really easy to tell you made a account called Jon in order to make your comment page look, real.

  6. admin says:

    Absolutely untrue – the page is 100% legit!

  7. the secret says:

    The big secret to getting a deep masculine voice is easy: it’s to do acitivities which raises your natural testosterone levels. Like lift weights (hard, and done correctly, and eat well) for 8-12 weeks, and you’ll gain a big chunk of muscles, and you’re gonna get a deep fine voice. Easy to do, but takes an effort. And works on everyone. And it’s free.

  8. Jimmy says:

    I have a deep voice, but i naturally talk low as well. which is really annoying when having a conversation with someone an they can’t hear me properly. when i realize they are not hearing me properly it takes effort to try speak louder and more clearly.

    If i can not train myself to speak better i will probable think about surgery to vocal cords or what ever. I use to have a voice that i could communicate easily with but after puberty it slowly screwed my speech up. i’m not sure if i damaged my vocal cords (however you would do that) but having a deep voice for me kinda sucks. i’m wondering, i rember one day at school my voice was really screwed up, when i was like 11-12. but i found it funny and talked with that weird voice effect all day, i’m woundering if that could have screwed by vocal cords, but shit i dunno.

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