January 17, 2018

How To Strengthen Your Voice – With Video

How would you like to learn how to strengthen your voice and improve it’s overall tone and resonance?

The good news is that there are some rather simple exercises that you can perform daily that I will outline below.  These exercises are quite simple, and can really make your voice sound much stronger and more powerful. Also be sure to watch the video below with tips from a real voice coach.

Voice Strength Tip #1:  Breathing Control

In order to speak properly you need to learn how to control your breathing.  One of the most important factors that will help you strengthen your voice is learning how to speak from the diaphragm.  Focus on using the diaphragm muscles to help project the sound of your voice as opposed to your lungs.

Voice Strength Tip #2:  Volume Control

A stronger voice does not mean that you should go around yelling.  Keep the volume of your voice at an acceptable level.  If you speak too loudly, tone down.  If too softly, focus on proper breathing and speaking from the diaphragm.

Voice Strength Tip #3:  Pitch Variation

Try not to speak in a monotone.  Using your entire vocal range ads interest and personality to your voice.  To work on improving the pitch of your voice, try making “siren sounds” using different notes.

Voice Strength Tip #4:  Articulation

A strong voice requires clear precise articulation.  Your words should sound clean and not forced.  In order to improve how you articulate your words, be sure to use your facial muscles when you speak.

Other ways to improve articulation:

  • Dropping the jaw
  • Emphasizing vowels in words
  • Emphasizing consonants at the end of certain words

Voice Strength Tip #5:  Voice Quality

Voice quality is how pleasing your voice is to listen to.  What you are aiming for is a clean, “rich” sounding voice.  To maximize voice quality, work on breathing and try to place the sound in your inner mouth area as opposed to your throat or nose.  One good way to practice is to hum with your mouth closed and teeth slightly apart.  If you feel a “buzz” on the front of your face then you know you are doing it right.

Tell us about how you were able to strengthen your voice.  Have any of these exercises helped you?

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  1. Kurtis Fleming says:

    i got this kid at school, and he talks skeaky but at the last day of school he talked deeper! how does he do that?

  2. Droid says:

    I have an average/high voice, I’m 18 years old. I’m very good at imitating, doing accents and such, and do voiceover work and such things. I was trained as a stage actor from a very young age, so I project my voice all the time, but I have trouble making it go low.

    I am a huge fan of voices like James Earl Jones’, not like darth vader, but the way he naturally speaks. Seems amazing that he started out in life not speaking all the way through school and high school, so if he learned how to speak like this, so can I.


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