February 18, 2018

How To Make Your Voice Deep

If you’re reading this article, you must be unhappy with the timber of your voice, and are curious as to how to make your voice deep.  Before we get into details explaining the methods that can make your voice deeper, lets first examine the two broad groups that most men that are unhappy with their voice fall into.

Group #1

Those that require voice deepening surgery, or medication.   There are only a handful of men that fall into this category.  These are usually individuals that have either sustained damage to their vocal cords or throat, or those that have unusually low levels of the hormone testosterone.

Group #2

Those that have no vocal cord damage and normal testosterone levels, and simply need to perform training exercises for the voice box andvocal cords.  Fortunately, the vast majority of men fall into this category.

So which group do you fit in to?

If your voice is always high, you may fall into group #1.  In this case you should consult a physician and have him examine your vocal cords to ensure there is no damage.  Also have him test your testosterone levels to make sure they are not too low.

If you suffer from low testosterone levels, hormone replacement therapy may be in order.  Normally in this case you would take pills to regulate your testosterone which in turn will make your voice deep again.

If there are occasions where your voice is deep (like when you are sick for example), then you fall into group #2.

Many individuals that fit in to group #2 find that when the wake up in the morning their voice is deeper.  This is another indication that surgery is not necessary and you do have other options to make your voice deep.

If you fall into group #2 you can get a deep voice permanently by following the simple voice training techniques that Rudy Haynes outlines in his program called “Deep Voice Mastery”, which also includes voice training software.

Deep Voice Mastery Review


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  1. KevDawg says:

    Well, i’ll be honest. I already had a fairly deep voice, like singing along with josh turner (country singer with a deep voice) just fine. However, i always wanted one of those crazy deep beginning of the movie announcer voices, like i wake up with in the mornings. so i tried it, and ill be damned. it worked! thanks a million man :)

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