January 17, 2018

Famous People With Deep Voices

Hehe, I thought it would be an interesting article to post for today. :)

Below is a list of famous people with deep voices. Feel free to comment on this post if you know any others, as I have most likely missed out alot of people.

Voice Overs:

  • Don LaFontaine
  • Joe Cipriano
  • Mark Elliot
  • George DelHoyo

Famous Actors:

  • Vin Diesel
  • Amitabh Bachchan
  • George Clooney

Famous Singers:

  • Barry White

That’s all that comes to mind right now. If you know any other famous people with deep voices, please feel free to comment and I’ll add them to the list. :)


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  1. Haruma says:

    Does this exercise work for female??? I mean Can I get a deeper voice??? Sorry for my english.

  2. admin says:

    Yes, it can work for females too.

  3. chris says:

    You should add JD Sumner to list of singers or anyone with a low voice. I have never heard anyone go as low as JD sumner. When u think he has gone as low as he can go he keeps going lower and lower it unbeleivable.

  4. chris says:

    and Tim Storms at 8htz.

  5. Jacob Rudduck says:

    You need to add Tom Baker to the list. Everybody can recognise his voice.

  6. jordan says:


  7. Gon says:

    jeremy irons, more than others i c listed above, he has an incredible voice

  8. Luis says:

    Hi,I would add a neverending list of deep lyric singer voices,but one of the most famous was the american bass-baritone Samuel Ramey.Also George London and Alexander Kipnis were great bass singers.

    I need to ask a question:will this Mike London’s Method be useful to me?I already have a deep voice,I study Bel Canto and sing like a bass,timbered and resonant,but like everybody I have some difficulties, and I also would like to gain more deepness and resonance.
    Looking forward receiving an answer soon
    Thank you

  9. admin says:

    Luis, thanks for the post. In regards to Mike London’s Deeper Voice program, I can only go on the positive reviews it has received by readers of this site. I have not heard anything negative about it thus far… There are a couple of real reviews from site readers here: http://deeper-voice.com/mike-londons-a-deeper-voice-right-away-ebook

  10. Elias Weber says:

    Christopher Lee
    Peter Steele
    and the Basso Profondo singers from the Russian orthodox quier should definately be on the list.

    I have a question about mike Londons course I am singing in the barritone range and I would like to be able to sing in the Bass range I know about confidence Posture and proper breathing. I was wondering wether hes course would give me an extra view semitones of lower range to be able to sing bass. I dont want to sound diferent or more confident I simpli want to go lower.

  11. AlixClooney says:

    Hi everyone…
    Been always told that I have a nice or rather sexy voice by women all my life…even guys at times give me compliments of the tone of my voice… I believe everyone has a gift or a talent that he/she should utilize if the opportunity is given. Thought i’d give it a shot and test the opportunities I may have available to purse a career or even a side hobby for the fun of it…and who knows, the doors might open if the grass is indeed greener on the other side.

  12. David says:

    What about James Coburn? Incredible voice. Same goes for an Aussie radio announcer called John Laws. This guy recently retired after 50 years in radio, but you can still hear him on You Tube.

  13. Jason says:

    James Earl Jones, the voice of Darth Vader! His resonance is astounding. If I had only half of his resonance I’d be happy.

  14. Martin says:

    Johnny Cash anyone?

  15. Sam says:

    Don’t forget the voice of Richard Sterban (Oak Ridge Boys).

  16. alexandeeeer says:

    so many tall kids with high voices…

  17. alexandeeeer says:

    and yes johnny cash has a really deep voice…

  18. Jacklisse says:

    You forgot Till Lindemann Rammstein’s singer, he has one hell of a deep voice

  19. tony says:

    don cornelius,melvin franklin of temptations

  20. Olofsson says:

    Lorne Greene?

  21. Ikaika says:

    Adam Rodriguez, Jonathan Togo, Carmine Giovinazzo, Eddie Cahill, Hill Harper, Shemar Moore, Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Wahlberg

  22. Björn Donner Hoffmann says:

    No one has mentioned Michael Wincott, who always seems to play bad-guyvillains…He has such a deep, raspy voice…I wish I had his voice…

  23. Michael says:

    1940s and 50s movie actor Alan Ladd had one of the most beautiful resonant voices among all actors and yet he was only five and a half feet tall!!!

  24. Drigondii says:

    Josh Turner has very good depth, tone, and resonance..

  25. yogesh says:

    you should add shahrukh khan

  26. ryan says:

    James earl jones famous bass

  27. mr64 says:

    Ted cassidy (Adams family), Fred gwynn (the monsters). You can’t get deeper than that.

  28. bass girl says:

    How about Leonard Cohen & Lou Reed, for females try Sade

  29. bass girl says:

    One more singer to the list- Peter Murphy

  30. nyphilly sports fan says:

    How about New York City radio deejay Vaughn Harper? And to update the list of voiceovers above, how about Ted Williams?

  31. nyphilly sports fan says:

    Oh-and outside of his trademark “It is high! It is far! It is…GONE!” home run call and his “Ballgame over! Yankees win! Theeeeeeee…Yankees! WIIIN!!!” call, New York Yankees radio announcer John Sterling comes to mind, as well.

  32. Lennon Hinds says:

    Hey im 15 i sound like Barry white and i can go lower . well it came more naturaul for me, but some tips is like put ur adams apple or if ur a female ur um..larnex i think all the way down and speak low and slow dont force it too much but force it ..yeah i know confuseing ..let it vibrate in ur chest..and read like that for like 5 10 min a day kk =D

  33. David says:

    First of all, let’s update the above list of voice-overs and include the “Golden Voice” himself, Ted Williams, and a deep-voiced female voice-over: New York City radio deejay Valerie Smaldone. Plus two more examples of New York City broadcasters with deep voices: radio deejay Vaughn Harper and Yankees radio announcer John Sterling (outside of both his “It is high! It is far! It is…GONE!!” home run call and his even-more trademark Yankee-victory announcement, “Ballgame over, Yankees win, theeee…Yankees!…WIN!!”) Oh-and the late Philadelphia Phillies announcer Harry Kalas (whose voice rose considerably [and, later, slightly] whenever the Phillies got a hit–including his signature “That ball is…OUTTA HERE!” home run call). And as for deep-voiced country singers, let’s update that list, also: Scotty McCreary (American Idol Season 10 winner).

  34. Anna says:

    I agree – Alan Ladd had the sexiest voice! I got hooked listening to Box 13 and had to go check him out in his movies. They’re cool, but I like him best on the radio where I can melt into that fabulous voice and let my imagination run wild. He was a great storyteller.

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