December 17, 2017

Deep Voice Training – 3 Exercises

When it comes to deep voice training, you have to be very persistent.  By training your voice, you really can make it sound richer, more resonant, and deeper.

If you really want to make your voice sound deeper, then you will want to read the tips below. In this post I’m going to share three voice training tips that over time, will help deepen the sound of your voice and improve resonance.

Remember, the key to a successful deep voice training program is to perform these exercises consistently!

Here are some of my favorite deep voice training exercises that you can perform to help make your voice sound deeper:

Neck muscle exercises

This may sound like BS, but stronger neck muscles can actually help.  They don’t directly effect the sound of your voice, but they will relieve vocal cord tension, lowering voice pitch and improving resonance.

Posture Exercises

Posture plays a large role when it comes to the sound of your voice. If your chin is down and you are constantly in a slouched position your voice will suffer. Simply by sticking your chest out and lifting your chin you will immediately notice an improvement in voice depth. To find the “sweet spot”, start by humming in a low pitch with your chin touching your chest. Slowly raise your chin upwards towards the ceiling. somewhere in between you will find comfortable point where your voice box “opens up”, and your voice pitch sounds deep and rich.

Daily Voice Exercises

Simple deep voice training exercises such as humming while slowly raising and lowering your chin can help loosen tense vocal cords, and help lower voice pitch over time. Perform a few “sets” of about 20-30 seconds daily.

If you perform the above deep voice exercises regularly, you will begin to notice an improvement in the depth of your voice over time.

Best of luck!

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  1. kush says:

    hey!… I am an 18 yr old male.. My voice hasn’t cracked as yet.. which is quite embarrasing.
    I don’t yearn for a super-sexy masculine voice.. but a regular voice.. which is masculine atleast.
    I wanna know whether deep voice program will be suitable for me.

    Thanks a ton!

  2. admin says:

    It’s worth a shot, there is a 60 day money back offer so try it out and if it doesn’t work just request a refund.

  3. Ricardo Cantoral says:

    I want to have a deeper voice I want to expand my range in my voice acting. Reading this information struck me as particularly interesting because if you notice actors like Clint Eastwood, you see how they do indeed puff out their chests and hold their chins high.

  4. anoymous says:

    can this excersice get me a deeper voice like the preview man parody by pablo

  5. justin says:

    ya my voice started to deepend about a year ago then it stopped when i started school and hasent changed since now im wondering is that normal or should i see a doctor or sumthing?

  6. msz.annie13 says:

    how can i sing high notes with a relaxing way?
    and how can have a brilliant voice?

  7. bennyhill says:

    im a 64 year old man with a high toned voice like michael jackson,i am alone and would like my voice to deepen before i die

  8. jake says:

    im a 20 year old male,and i have a high voice.its very embarassing to talk sometimes.i just want to deepen it so i dont sound like a woman

  9. hiten says:

    m 23m,i hav high pithched voice,due to tis i speak less.i m not able to live a life upto mark. its very embarassin
    mostly prefer home meal n tht too without flour, everyde i drink 6lts of water. is it normal to get rid from high pitched voice or is it chronic.

  10. Alex says:

    I’m 17 and have had a voice almost as deep as vin diesel for a few years. Looking to pursue voice acting as well. I can sound like a little girl or like Satan, and have complete control on my voicebox. I love it when I can buy alcohol without the clerk bothering to ask for an ID :)

  11. Jonathan says:

    Im 17

    and Im kinda proud to say

    i have a deep voice

    Like star wars james earl jones deep

    i didnt train it
    its just naturally
    thad be nice if i could be on a radio or some tv commerical

  12. kunal says:

    Hey somebody please help me out.My voice is very week,i feel breathless in normal condition while i talk as if i done very rigorous and intense exercise! I am 22 years now and i got this problem 9 years back right when i was in the age of puberty and my voice was undergoing changes. At this very time i had very serious cough problem with blood coming in cough. Since then i have had some amount of mucous in my throat and i have to get the mucous out of my cords. I feel it(vocal cords) has become over-sensitive and keep on producing cough there and i always feel something is there stuck in the cord. Doctors said there is an inflammation in the cord. I don’t what’s the problem i have been using the antiseptic mouthwashes but still the problem is there.please tell me why it is persisting for such a long and tell me the solution.

  13. sohigh says:

    I am a 40 year old virgin male who sounds like a woman. Whenever I make a phone call people think they are talking to a woman, I cant belive that my voice is so high, how can I find the help I need?

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