January 17, 2018

Deep Singing Voice – How to Sing with a Deep Voice

Many people that they want a deep singing voice, when in actuality they want a stronger, clearer voice that expresses confidence.  Some people want all of the above!

The bad news is that if you don’t sound like Don Lafontaine now, you probably never will.  I am sorry to say that, but it is the truth.

You see, the size of your larynx is the most important factor that determines how deep your voice is.  Those with a larger larynx naturally have a deeper voice, because the vocal cord muscles are longer and are therefore able to produce a lower sound.

The good news is that you can certainly make your voice deeper and improve the strength and clarity of your voice by “exercising” the vocal cord muscles and following the other steps I outline below.

The Steps to a Deeper More Powerful Singing Voice

In order to achieve a deeper  singing voice, there are a few things that you must master, which I will go over in detail below:

Deep Singing Voice Tip #1 – Strengthen Your Diaphragm Muscles

Strengthening your diaphragm will allow you to take fuller, deeper breaths.  In order to strengthen the diaphragm muscle, inhale slowly and then exhale with an “ss” sound (like a snake).  Panting also works, but in either case it is important that you focus on using the diaphragm muscle in order to build those muscle.  Simply put, do not exhale using your lungs, use your diaphragm!  You may feel some discomfort in the diaphragm muscle as you continue this exercise, and that is a sign that you are performing it correctly.

Deep Singing Voice Tip #2 – Proper Posture

Posture is an important aspect when it comes to a deeper more powerful voice, and it is often overlooked.  Proper posture will help properly align the muscles that are responsible for projecting your voice.

Here are some posture tips:

  • Pretend that there is a string attached to your head and it is being pulled upwards.
  • Your head should be above your shoulders, shoulder above hips, hips above the knees (slightly bent) and knees above your feet.
  • Raise your chest to ensure that the lungs can fully expand when inhaling.

Simply put, slouching and poor body alignment are unacceptable and will deteriorate the sound of your voice.

Deep Singing Voice Tip #3 – Voice Projection

To get the most out of your voice, make sure you are relaxed.  Strained, tight vocal cords will make your voice sound higher as opposed to lower.  Now, stand straight and take a deep breath in.  It’s important that you raise your palate at this point-once you feel cold air hit the back of your throat you are good to go.  Now project your voice using your diaphragm muscles.  Be sure that your chin is straight or slightly downwards.

I’m sure that these deep singing voice tips will be helpful to you.  I’d also like to note that if you are not 25 years of age yet, your singing voice might naturally become lower over time, so it’s important to be patient!


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  1. Denzel says:

    Thanks, this helped alot. I can sing,but I notice It gets bad.its because I was not using the proper techniques.My voice is natrually deep, and it feels like Im singing diffrently.

  2. Frora Bosh says:

    I always want’s to sing in a deeper voice but I don’t know the right technique. Thanks for giving the tips I will definitely try these..

  3. solomon says:

    I can sing some songs. but sometimes when i try to go deep it just gets to scratchy soundin

  4. Allie says:

    I have a tiny un matured vioce like justin bieber and It makes it alot harder for me to sing. I really want to sing but I cant with this tiny voice. I want a deeper matured pupertied voice . PLZ HELP ME!!! People make fun of me and my voice

  5. Tinashe Moyo says:

    Hi,wel,the thing about singing with a deep voice is all about having confidence,relaxing and breathing well.You can practice on changing the tone of your voice even if its tiny,i had a voice like that before but now i’m 21 years and my voice is so deep but i just sing with it.I practiced on changing my tone until i was used to it so keep on practising,don’t listen to what people say,they aren’t you in the first place and they never will be you.Try it…you’ll see.

  6. lyle baillargeon says:

    i just wanted to ask, i am 14 and can sing a low F (the space below the last line) on a bass cleff. if there are any other teenagers, is this normal? or is it higher or lower than average?

  7. annonomys says:


    i am 12 and female and can sing low F (i know what i am talking about) and it is normal for a 14 year old to sing that, but if you cant it is still normal. it all has to do with how your vocal chords are. apparently, mine are very, very differant from most females (especcialy in my age group) but thats just the way it is, so dont be freaked out.

  8. Drew says:

    Hey Lyle baillargeon, I am 17 and I am in vocal jazz, I can sing a low D so it’s not abnormal for you to hit an F and I would say your just at average now but don’t worry your range will increase the more you sing!

  9. Alex says:

    I’ve found by using vocal fry technique paired with head and chest resonance I’m able to achieve thunderous lows. I start out with a good warmup of humming low C to middle C and back down as low as I can go with fry. Posture is also important, as well as deep breathing. With the aforementioned technique I can hit a G below low C with ease.

  10. Matthew says:

    I am 12, male, and I can sing a low E flat. Is there anyway to sing down to a low D or C?

  11. Carl says:

    I am 17 and i sing bluegrass gospel and i can sing a low C-C#. WIll my voice still continue to deepen?

  12. Molly says:

    I’m a girl but I want to sing in a lower, more boyish voice. Thanks!

  13. The Chosen One says:

    I have to answer to every teens here.

    Hello, i’m 16, and two years ago I was able to hit the LOW F and low E (but very poorly).

    But I discovered JD Sumner and Bass Singing, and I was shocked by the low notes he was able to reach, so I tried one morning to hit a low note, and I was able to hit low Eb2, I thinked that is an incredible low note for me !

    Time was passing, and I hit LOW D in the morning, also, low C#, and the LOW C !

    And with patience, I was able to hit B1 in morning ! And sometimes Bb1 ! Three times, I hit a low A1, and One time, I hit a LOW AB1 !

    But still in the morning. My voice get higher in the rest of the day and I was only able to hit Low E. But years after years (2 years), I was able to hit low Eb2 in the day, also low D2 this year, and low C#2 If I sleep long time and very well (sleeping is VERY important to achieve a low and deep voice all the day). Three weeks ago, I was able de hit the LOW C2 at 4 or 5 p.m. ! I also hit a Low D2 with such ease.

    So be patient, and keep practicing.

    (If you scream a high note, you’ll possibly lose your low notes, for example, If I scream a high C6, my highest note, I’ll don’t be able to hit a LOW D2 after that).

  14. Lauren says:

    I’m a 14 year old girl and I am able to sing a Low C (C2). Is this at all strange? I want to sing lower, so I will be sure to try these tips. Thanks!

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