January 17, 2018

Benefits Of A Deep Voice

Why do most males want a deep voice? There are many reasons.

Below is a list of some of the many benefits of a deep voice.

  • First and foremost, a deep voice can do wonders when it comes with the females. Many females will find you attractive from your voice alone. Just from your voice, females will find you to be manly, reliable, trustworthy, and strong.

  • Many females find a deep voice a turn on when having sex. It is also a fact that men with deeper voices have more children.
  • It’s also quite fun to have a deep voice. You can entertain people and even make them laugh by saying lines from movies, etc. with your deep voice.
  • A deep voice can even help you get a job. You will come across as someone who is confident, trustworthy, and reliable.
  • It doesn’t just help with any job, but who knows, you may even get the chance to do a voice over for a character, work on a radio show, etc.

There are many benefits of having a deep voice, so if you want to have a deeper voice, feel free to read our guide on How To Get A Deeper Voice – Your Guide On How To Get A Deep Voice

I hope it helps. :)


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  1. jeremy says:

    LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have an excessivly deep voice and i dont get the ladies and i have not gotten to do a voice over for a character. and i am most definitly not trustworthy or reliabble

  2. dolton says:

    maybe you need to work on your looks as well.

  3. JeremyK says:

    As with my fellow Jeremy, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows;I think what the ladies like is a deep baritone. I’m just pure bass, to the point of awkward conversations. I find myself having to raise the pitch of my voice sometimes to be understood. My ex called me right after I woke, once, and said it was disgustingly deep. I haven’t gotten any ladies with my voice alone. I think it’s actually a little intimidating. :(

  4. jose says:

    I have been complimented many times about my deep voice sounding very soothing and relaxed. Mostly the compliments come from women but I’ve never met a woman that will sleep with you just off the sound of your voice haha.

  5. Mr. V says:

    im with both jeremies!

    i have also an annoyingly deep voice, and have to raise my pitch to be understood sometimes too!

    we all know that if we want, we can produce a very sexy voice.
    but everyone knows and even if we dont fake it, people will notice the difference.

    So voice ALONE wont get you girls
    …and sometime deep voice sucks

  6. John says:

    hahaha i agree with u guys,i have to raise my voice once in awhile just to be understood which gets annoying cuz my friends say “HUH” what did you say?”

    yes sometimes having a deep voice sucks!!

  7. Murray says:

    I agree with the Jeremies and Mr.V.

    I’m 16 now and my voice is also excessively deep, people always make fun of me because of it.

    When I’m acting people always say my voice sounds the same everytime, regardless of the accent I use.

    So yes, a deep voice can suck.

  8. carlo says:

    ha ha

    we have a client “out west” who all have ridiculously deep voices. its like these guys are in competition with each other.

    we east coasters like to speculate whether its the dry air, hormones in the steak or whether its some homo-erotic brokeback mountain thing.

    its a good thing we have audio only conferencing cos when they are on the other end in a group we put them on mute and fall about laughing.

    so guys: just be the way god made you. cos everyone else knows what youre doing and you just end up coming across like a d1ck.

  9. steve says:

    I have a deeper voice then everyone i know and i agree with the rest of yall about having to speak up sometimes haha when i do i sound like a death metal singer or somthing people find my voice to be intimidating and im only 14. F#CK what people think about it there just jealous.

  10. mr. man says:

    I am 16 but because of my size and voice most people will believe me to be 18 or 19 which is cool when it comes to girls but i have to agree with the other people that its hard to heard sometimes. It gets to a point that i cant really hear my self talk unless i try to listen but whats cool is when i really focus i can feel the vibrations in my eyes, it incredible!! but i wouldnt change my voice for anything its the best

  11. Kevin says:

    I’m 16, 6ft2, and I sometimes have problems speaking so that others can hear me. I’ve also had my share of stupid jokes and imitation of my voice.
    But, fortunately, some girls have made compliments about it. Sometimes it’s not that bad, but sometimes I think I would be better off with that typical rooster-voice most guys have.

  12. Ochita says:

    To all those who say “i’m 16 and i got a deep voice” easy with spanking that horse mate, your voice will change

  13. Humanunkind says:

    These are lies. You can’t get a deeper voice any way unless it comes naturally or you have a cold. But you CAN make your voice stronger, which is in fact your lungs, such as singers and trumpet players.

    It doesn’t matter how DEEP your voice is, it depends on your tone, wordplay, and the way you present yourself.
    A deep voice alone doesn’t get you all the ladies or the promotions at work. This is preposterous. It doesn’t work in society, only in the animal kingdom. Watch Disney’s Lion King. The only way a deep voice would seem manly is if you were yelling and running at someone with a katana.

    If you are 14 and have a deep voice for your qge, you’ll still sound like an adolescent.
    If you are 40 and you have a deep voice for your are, you will still sound 40 years old.
    Deep voices don’t make you sound older, only deeper.

  14. JohnWarthere says:

    I’ve read all of the comments on here. I too have quite a deep voice, but so do all the males on both sides of my family. A lot of people chalk it up to the fact that I my grandparents were all scottish/english immigrants and people used to equate my grandfathers’ voices with the likes of christopher lee. I must admit that i rather like having a deep, resonant voice. i must profess also, however, that i do not ever have trouble being heard, in fact, quite the contrary, i have a rather booming voice, whic is vexating at times as well. I enjoy that about myself though, and I never have to yell.

  15. Will says:

    I’ve got nothing but praise for my deep voice. Whenever I walk into class each morning, all the girls go,”Will, say stuff! I want to hear your morning voice!” and in choir, my teacher only lets me sing an octave below because he knows only I can pull it off. Strangers always tell me how I have a nice radio voice too. Still waiting for the day where I dislike having a low voice. I’ve never experienced any negativity with having a low voice.

  16. Wilm says:

    Same with Will over there, I have recieved nothing but praise for my deep voice ever since I hit adolesence. From my own family to even random strangers have said I have a very manly voice. I recall that even some female instructors during high school would comment on my voice saying it was quite pleasing and liked to hear me speak. Though I have’t had that much luck with the ladies, I’m terribly shy unfortunately.

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