January 17, 2018

Deep Voice Training – 3 Exercises

When it comes to deep voice training, you have to be very persistent.  By training your voice, you really can make it sound richer, more resonant, and deeper.

If you really want to make your voice sound deeper, then you will want to read the tips below. In this post I’m going to share three voice training tips that over time, will help deepen the sound of your voice and improve resonance.

Remember, the key to a successful deep voice training program is to perform these exercises consistently!

Here are some of my favorite deep voice training exercises that you can perform to help make your voice sound deeper:

Neck muscle exercises

This may sound like BS, but stronger neck muscles can actually help.  They don’t directly effect the sound of your voice, but they will relieve vocal cord tension, lowering voice pitch and improving resonance.

Posture Exercises

Posture plays a large role when it comes to the sound of your voice. If your chin is down and you are constantly in a slouched position your voice will suffer. Simply by sticking your chest out and lifting your chin you will immediately notice an improvement in voice depth. To find the “sweet spot”, start by humming in a low pitch with your chin touching your chest. Slowly raise your chin upwards towards the ceiling. somewhere in between you will find comfortable point where your voice box “opens up”, and your voice pitch sounds deep and rich.

Daily Voice Exercises

Simple deep voice training exercises such as humming while slowly raising and lowering your chin can help loosen tense vocal cords, and help lower voice pitch over time. Perform a few “sets” of about 20-30 seconds daily.

If you perform the above deep voice exercises regularly, you will begin to notice an improvement in the depth of your voice over time.

Best of luck!

How To Strengthen Your Voice – With Video

How would you like to learn how to strengthen your voice and improve it’s overall tone and resonance?

The good news is that there are some rather simple exercises that you can perform daily that I will outline below.  These exercises are quite simple, and can really make your voice sound much stronger and more powerful. Also be sure to watch the video below with tips from a real voice coach.

Voice Strength Tip #1:  Breathing Control

In order to speak properly you need to learn how to control your breathing.  One of the most important factors that will help you strengthen your voice is learning how to speak from the diaphragm.  Focus on using the diaphragm muscles to help project the sound of your voice as opposed to your lungs.

Voice Strength Tip #2:  Volume Control

A stronger voice does not mean that you should go around yelling.  Keep the volume of your voice at an acceptable level.  If you speak too loudly, tone down.  If too softly, focus on proper breathing and speaking from the diaphragm.

Voice Strength Tip #3:  Pitch Variation

Try not to speak in a monotone.  Using your entire vocal range ads interest and personality to your voice.  To work on improving the pitch of your voice, try making “siren sounds” using different notes.

Voice Strength Tip #4:  Articulation

A strong voice requires clear precise articulation.  Your words should sound clean and not forced.  In order to improve how you articulate your words, be sure to use your facial muscles when you speak.

Other ways to improve articulation:

  • Dropping the jaw
  • Emphasizing vowels in words
  • Emphasizing consonants at the end of certain words

Voice Strength Tip #5:  Voice Quality

Voice quality is how pleasing your voice is to listen to.  What you are aiming for is a clean, “rich” sounding voice.  To maximize voice quality, work on breathing and try to place the sound in your inner mouth area as opposed to your throat or nose.  One good way to practice is to hum with your mouth closed and teeth slightly apart.  If you feel a “buzz” on the front of your face then you know you are doing it right.

Tell us about how you were able to strengthen your voice.  Have any of these exercises helped you?

Is A Deep Voice Attractive To Women? Check This Out…

Do you think that having a deep voice is a big asset?  What do you think the ladies views are on a deep voice?

Would you believe it if I told you that the majority of women agree that a deep voice is an attribute that they look for when choosing a man?

I’m sure you may have figured that having a deep voice couldn’t hurt when it came to the ladies… but perhaps you had never seen rock solid proof.

Well… I’m going to show you some proof that I found on another website that I thought was very interesting.

I came across this poll that someone had posted on a website called AnswerBag.com.

He posted the following question:

“Ladies:  Are you attracted to a man who has a deep voice?”

Checkout the answers below…

Answer #1:  “I don’t know about deep, but I don’t like it to be high pitched.”

Answer #2: “well i have never really been with a guy that has had a deep voice but as long as they dont sound like they are going through puberty i am good to go with the whole deep voice thing.”

Answer #3: “Oh yeah. Something about it gives me goose bumps.”

Answer #4: “Yes, but not like James Earl Jones or anything. But I will say that my husband sounds extremely in his deep ‘first thing in the morning’ or “last thing in the evening’ voice.”

Answer #5: “yeah but not too deep or anything. I would say my b/f has a REGULAR voice for a man, i like that just fine. There was a study and men with deeper voices tend to father more children….weird huh? Saw it on the news”

Answer #6: “Yep…a high, thin voice is never pleasant to the ear, even in a woman. Think James Earl Jones…I could listen to him read anything and not be bored…yes, even the phonebook!.”

Answer #7: “Baritone or Bass will get me every time.”

Click Here to view the actual AnswerBag webpage with this poll.

Well there you have it guys, it looks like a unanimous decision-a deep voice is a huge plus when it comes to picking up chicks.

So… What Does This Mean??

So I know what you’re saying… that’s great news for the dude’s with a baritone voice, but not for those with a high pitched voice!

Well, the good news my friends is that there is something that you can do to transform your squeaky, high pitched voice into a deeper, sexier more trust worthy voice.  Although a small percentage of you may require pitch lowering surgery or testosterone to deepen you voice, most of you can benefit from simple voice and vocal cord exercises.

By performing these exercises regularly you will be able to increase the projection and depth of your voice.

If this interests you, please CLICK HERE to read my review of Deep Voice Mastery.  I found the information in the book quite valuable and I think you will too.

Deep Voice Guide

Pitch Lowering Surgery – What the Procedure Entails…

Most people aren’t even aware that pitch lowering surgery even exists.  The truth of the matter is, pitch lowering surgery (also referred to as “Thyroplasty”) is real and happens every day.

Pitch lowering surgery alters the size and/or shape of the vocal cords.  This in turn changes the pitch of your voice.  Most candidates for this type of surgery have sustained damage to their vocal cords or the nerves surrounding them, or were born with voice problems.  However, there are people with extremely high pitched voices that have the surgery simply because they want to make their voice sound deeper.

Here is a little more information about pitch lowering surgery:


Before the procedure you will fill out a form that helps assess your risks, and answer any questions you may have.  In addition, the doctor will perform an evaluation of your voice box bot visually, and audibly.

Risks of Surgery

As with most surgeries, there are many risks.  Aside from inflammation and infection or severe scaring, loss of vocal range is possible.  The voice pitch may also not change to it’s desired level.

The Procedure

Most thyroplasty procedures are performed in an outpatient setting under general anesthesia.  After you have been anethsitized, insicions are made in your neck.  A strip of cartilage is removed from the sides of your voice box, and new edges are sutured together.


After the surgery your voice will likely be deeper immediately, however there will be swelling that will alter the pitch (usually very low).  The actual pitch may not set in for two to three months after the swelling has gone down.

Is pitch lowering surgery right for you?

If you have consulted your physician and have tried voice training and nothing seems to be working, then pitch lowering surgery may be a viable option.  However, it really should be a last resort.  Not only are there risks involved, it is also quite costly.

I found that training my voice worked extremely well.  It didn’t happen overnight, but with plenty of practice I was able to sustain a deeper pitch that is finally there every time I speak.

Do yourself a favor and don’t start smoking, don’t scream, you’ll just damage your voice cords.  Check out Rudy Haynes online course called “Deep Voice Mastery“.  It’s the most comprehensive course of it’s kind and has gotten some great reviews from readers of this site who have had great results with it.

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Does Smoking Make Your Voice Deeper?

Many people email me and ask me if smoking makes your voice deeper.  I’ve never smoked myself, but can tell you by knowing a number of people that have smoked for many years, it does.  Haven’t you ever heard a 60 year old women that smokes?  They often sound like a man!

I did a little research and found out that in the short term, smoking can make some people’s voice sound deeper because it makes the vocal chords swell.  Also, the phlegm that builds up in your throat can change the shape of your voice box.  For certain people, this makes their voice sound more “crackly”, while for others it will actually lower their pitch.

The Long Term Effects

The problem is that over the long term, smoking is very bad for your vocal cords so if you are considering smoking just to benefit from a deeper voice I’d recommend that you seriously reconsider.

You probably already know how bad smoking is for the rest of your body… It causes all kinds of cancers, cardiovascular problems, breathing problems etc.  Not only will it contribute to premature break down of your vocal cords, it can also cause polyps to grow on them.  These polyps can make you voice sound absolutely awful.

Simply put, the risks of smoking to make your voice deeper out weight the small change that might occur with your voice.

What are Better Voice Deepening Options?

Although voice deepening surgery and testosterone are options to help make your voice deeper, they should really be a last resort and really are not necessary for most people.  The costs and risks associated with both methods are high.

90% of the time, voice training will help you deepen your voice pitch.  It won’t happen overnight, but if you are consistent with the training exercises it can make a big difference.

If you don’t have the money for hiring a voice coach for private lessons, then PLEASE do yourself a favor and checkout the next best thing…

Rudy Haynes “Deep Voice Mastery Course“, which shows you exercises that will loosen the tension in your vocal cords and make your voice deeper.

It’s easy to follow, cheap, and best of all it really works.

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