January 17, 2018

What does your voice say about you?

Or rather, what do people think of you because of your voice?

When you open your mouth, people form an opinion of you, whether they are conscious of it or not. And if you are a man with a high pitched voice, the opinion people are forming might not be very good.

Need some proof? Take a look at this YouTube video:

Why is this funny? This isn’t just in the U.S. either, this ‘joke’ translates into languages around the world. If this is you, with or without that body, there’s nothing funny about being laughed in the face because of something you can’t help.

Or can you?

Think about it, what do you have control over with your body? If you’re skinny, you can lift weights and put on some muscle. If you’ve gained a few pounds, you diet and exercise and take them off. If you’re getting thinning hair, get plugs.

Some things you can’t change, you can’t be taller or shorter than you are. You can’t suddenly make yourself older or younger, those things are pretty fixed. But many things about your appearance are pliable. You can change your body shape, dye your hair, grow a mustache, cut off your hair, wear different clothes, get contacts, or get glasses (fake ones are very popular these days). Let’s face it, people DO judge a book by its cover. It’s not just how you look, but also how you smell, you wear deodorant, don’t you? Or even cologne? And it’s about how you sound.

So, is your voice one of those things that is under your control or not? Is it more like the color of your hair or how tall you are?

I’m here to tell you, you CAN change your voice. There are actually several ways to do it.

But before we talk about those, let’s talk a little bit about what your voice is costing you.

  • Have you ever asked a woman out for a date and been flatly refused?
  • How about going in for a job interview? Were you terrified to even open up your mouth?
  • Do you avoid talking to people, giving answers in class or speaking up at work meetings?

Is your voice holding you back?

One of the definitions of being manly is to have a deep voice. That’s because it’s one of the side effects of testosterone. But just because your voice is high, does not mean you’re less manly or less deserving. That you’re not capable of taking care of a family or any of the other things that people make up about you.

What can you do to make your voice deeper?
So, what are the options? There are a number of ways that you can address this issue. Let’s take a look at the big ones.

Hire a voice coach.

Actors, news anchors and radio personalities have all done it. You think James Earl Jones (Darth Vadar) or Don Lafontaine (The Movie Guy) hasn’t worked with a coach? Donuts to dollars they have. And you can too.

Check out this video from Australia, it’s a pretty dramatic difference. In just a short time, she went from being shy and cowering to being able to sit up tall and speak in front of her coach, the host, the audience AND all those people out there watching in TV land. Wouldn’t it be great to feel that confident and self-assured?

Here’s the kicker though, most coaches work one-on-one and charge accordingly. Depending on where you live, lessons can be $50, $100, even $200 a session. In many places, there are no voice coaches. Or they focus on singing, which doesn’t necessarily help you get the speaking voice you want.

Another option is getting testosterone replacement therapy.

After all, it is testosterone production that lowers the voice during puberty. And it’s why men in general have lower voices than women. So, why not just take some to solve your problem?

The thing is, you can’t target the effects of testosterone. While it would in all likelihood lower your voice, it can also have a whole host of other side effects.

Effects that can profoundly change the rest of your life.
Things like increased hair growth, which for some of us, that might be a good thing. But how about acne or oily skin, no one wants more of that. Fatigue, hair loss, change in sex drive (maybe not in a good way, either), a bitter taste in the mouth, painful or tender gums, headaches. And those are the minor side effects.

More severe problems include rashes and allergic reactions, breast size increase and tenderness, changes in your digestion, depression, moodiness, hostility, loss of appetite and problems sleeping…none of these sound like fun. Granted, these are rare reactions, but who wants to mess with their body that much?

Oh, don’t forget an increased risk of prostate cancer, sometimes as quickly as in a few months. In fact, a couple of synthetic testosterone supplements have been completely taken off the market due to their dangerous side effects.

That’s not to say that testosterone replacement therapy isn’t for you. BUT you can’t get a prescription just because you have a high pitched voice. You have to actually have low testosterone levels. Only your doctor can figure this out through a series of tests. So, if you have other symptoms that indicate this might be the case, you should certainly go in for a visit.

Vocal Chord Surgery

Now, another option that you may have heard of is an operation known as Thyroplasty surgery. This is where a doctor goes in and surgically alters your vocal chords. The procedure can be used to lower the pitch of your voice.

It works by altering the cartilage in the voice box to change the position or length of the vocal folds, which are more commonly known as the vocal chords. A small, plastic implant is often inserted to assist with strengthening the vocal chords. Because the surgery is performed with a local instead of a general anesthesia, you are awake for the procedure. This allows the surgeon to see if it has worked right away. After he has inserted the implant, he may ask you to speak so that he can make any needed adjustments.

This surgery in not just used for pitch lowering, in fact, its intended purpose is to help people with weak vocal chords. People who have suffered damage as a result of an accident, smoking, long term deterioration from an illness or even someone with throat cancer.

But there have been instances when this procedure has been used to lower the pitch of a voice, however; this is something that you would need to discuss with your physician. As with any surgery, there are risks involved, and the results may not be what you hoped. This should be considered a last resort after all other resources have been exhausted.

Besides the risk, there is also the cost. This would probably be considered “cosmetic surgery,” so there’s a fair chance that your insurance will not cover it. It is upwards of $5,000. Now that’s a lot of money to spend, especially when there are other options.

Let’s look at one more:

Voice Lowering Exercises

What if I told you that you could have voice coaching results without the voice coaching cost?

That’s right, there are programs out there that outline exactly the steps you need to take to lower your voice yourself. These are simple, daily exercises that you do at home, every day. After just a few sessions, you will start to notice results. And so will those around you.

Now, this isn’t an easy fix, it does require commitment and work. Consistency is key. But, isn’t a few minutes of your day worth it to achieve the results you’re looking for? To make a long lasting and potentially life changing adjustment to something as noticeable and judged, as your voice.

You have to decide that this is a change that you want in your life and be willing to put the time and energy into making it happen. It’s not just about voice exercises, there are some lifestyle changes that will greatly enhance deepening your voice. Things that seem simple, but do require you to be conscious of every day. Like your posture. When you slouch, you don’t allow yourself to breath fully and are holding back on your vocal projection. There’s a reason that you’re supposed to sit up straight.

Or drinking enough water. Not liquids, water. Only water will give you the hydration you need to keep your vocal chords, and the rest of the muscles in your body, hydrated. Drinking 8-10 glasses a day, in combination with the other strategies, can make a big difference.

Doing it on your own is simple and easy, if you have a guideline to show you what to do. This ebook outlines a series of steps to gradually train yourself to have a deeper, more manly voice. This step-by-step program breaks down what you need to do each day, including neck exercises, voice training and life style changes that are going to support you in getting what you want. And at a fraction of the cost of any of the other options.


Don’t you owe it to yourself to take the time to make this change in your life. Who would have thought that something as seemingly insignificant as your voice could have such a profound effect. But if you are a man with a high pitched voice, you know just how much of a difference this makes. There are options, you don’t need to spend your life feeling less than. So, lift up your chin (yes, that does help) and make a decision to take control of your life, today.

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