January 17, 2018

3 Exercises As Part Of Your Deep Voice Training

When it comes to deep voice training, you have to be very persistent.

By training your voice, you really can make it sound richer, more resonant, and deeper.

If you really want to make your voice sound deeper, then you will want to read the tips below. In this post I’m going to share three voice training tips that over time, will help deepen the sound of your voice and improve resonance.

Remember, the key to a successful deep voice training program is to perform these exercises consistently!

Here are some of my favorite deep voice training exercises that you can perform to help make your voice sound deeper:

1) Neck muscle exercises

This may sound like BS, but stronger neck muscles can actually help.  They don’t directly effect the sound of your voice, but they will relieve vocal cord tension, lowering voice pitch and improving resonance.

2) Posture Exercises

Posture plays a large role when it comes to the sound of your voice. If your chin is down and you are constantly in a slouched position your voice will suffer. Simply by sticking your chest out and lifting your chin you will immediately notice an improvement in voice depth. To find the “sweet spot”, start by humming in a low pitch with your chin touching your chest. Slowly raise your chin upwards towards the ceiling. somewhere in between you will find comfortable point where your voice box “opens up”, and your voice pitch sounds deep and rich.

3) Daily Voice Exercises

Simple deep voice training exercises such as humming while slowly raising and lowering your chin can help loosen tense vocal cords, and help lower voice pitch over time. Perform a few “sets” of about 20-30 seconds daily.

If you perform the above deep voice exercises regularly, you will begin to notice an improvement in the depth of your voice over time.

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  1. Sneh says:

    I wanna be a rapper….I want my voice to be like a gangster…hope this site helps !!

  2. Nitish Singh says:

    I am a boy of 19 years but have a voice like a girl and taking advantage of this,everyone makes fun of me.Because of this i feel very embarassed.So can you kindly tell me some way out to deepen my voice like a man?
    I will be greatful to you if you show me some way out.

  3. karim says:

    I’m looking for exercises but also I wanted to point out that emotional state influences voice depth. People tend to respond to deep voices because it demonstrates calmness.

  4. big shot bob says:

    A lot of times you can go to a choir director/teacher/professor for help for any problems. Go to them first and then maybe speech therapists only if you have problems. For guys just practice listening to music with really deep voices and singing every day in the lowest part of your voice that you can. If you are like Nitish Singh then you should have another voice, which I was in the same position, and just use the other voice non stop without hurting or over stressing yourself. It is good to find singing lessons which I am doing right now.

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